Help handConnection. Connection to others, to the world, to the earth…. To ourselves….

It is something many of us don’t think about on a daily basis. Until we don’t have it. Like breathing, it is just there, happening unconsciously, until it becomes stifled, restricted. Until it is lost. And we are lost.

As people we connect in many ways. A look, a smile, a shared space, a hug, a touch, a kiss, a laugh… Magical moments in time.

Connections are forever changing, evolving, growing and expanding. They fill our hearts with precious memories, flood our body emotions and bring us joy. Connection is the sparkle, the golden thread that weaves it way through every moment.

For many of our children, this golden thread is a tangled web. It is shadowed by the dark clouds of apprehension, self-protection and unknowing. We notice their connections are unique, and often stressful. Stifled. Restricted. Yet they long for that connection. To feel the warmth.

Looking into the eyes of a child, with a full and open heart, a kind face and a calm spirit, the clouds part and the child shines through. With the opportunity to connect with an open heart, our children revel in the glow. The thread untangles and weaves it way into the unknown. Their eyes sparkle. Excitement fills their body as they realise they are seen. Loved for their unique self. Enjoyed for who they are and the amazing gifts they bring.

This is one of life’s greatest gifts.


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Shannon Hallatt

Senior Occupational Therapist, Founder & Practice Manager at OT for Kids NT
Shannon is passionate about delivering high quality OT services for children and families, and bringing joy to their lives. Shannon believes that every child is unique and has unlimited potential and it is this belief that continues to drive her everyday.

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