Friday Fun!

Laser Beam Obstacle Course

laser beam 1 laser beam 2









What you will need:

  • Ball of wool or streamers
  • Masking tape or blue tac
  • Walls, trees or chairs (to stick the wool/streamers on).
  • A surprise/treasure at the end of the course – May be an edible treat or a toy.


Setting up:

  1. First prepare small balls of blue tac or small strips of tape. You may like to ask the kids to help you to prepare these materials this will be great for developing fine motor skills.
  2. Start by sticking the end of the wool or streamer to the wall and then slowly unwind the wool or streamer so you can stick parts of it on the wall. Stick the wool or streamer at different heights and diagonals so it looks like the pictures above. To make the activity more challenging you may like to make the gaps smaller. You may also like to start the laser beams (wool or streamer) with larger gaps and slowly make the gap narrower as the course progresses.


How to play:

1.       After setting up the course place the surprise or treasure at the opposite side to the starting point. This may be an edible treat or a toy (a baby they have to rescue or a treasure such as a necklace or ring).

2.     Explain to your child the game, ‘you have to try and get passed the lasers without them zapping you so you can rescue the baby (or retrieve the treasure at the opposite side)’.

To jazz up the game further you may like to put some music on in the background to get their energy flowing. You may also like to make the zapping sound when they touch the laser.

3.     Before you start to play the game make up the rules with your child/children. This will include how many times they can be zapped before they have to start again. They may also like to have a time limit they have to rescue the baby or retrieve the treasure in, for example they have to get the treasure and return it to the start in 8 minutes. If they run out of time they have to start again.

You may also like to have a board or a piece of paper to track the times they are zapped so your child can keep track.

4.     Start the timer and let your child go be mission impossible and retrieve the treasure or baby.

5.     Once they have the baby or treasure remind them to escape the building before they get caught and go back through the lasers to safety.

6.     To extend the play time you may like to see how quickly your child can complete the obstacle course. For this play the game 3 times and see how quick they can be.


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