Shannon Hallatt

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OT for Kids NT Founder and Manager

Shannon was born and raised in country Western Australia, spending most of her childhood in the Midwest region. One of five children, Shannon and her siblings loved living in the bush and have many memories of catching tadpoles, making mud pies and family holidays at the beach. After completing high school, Shannon moved to Perth to study Occupational Therapy at Curtin University.

Shannon had always been interested in working with children, and it was through fieldwork placements that her passion for children evolved into a goal….. To improve the lives and children and provide them with the opportunity to laugh every day.

After graduation, Shannon moved to the south west of Western Australia, working in a number of areas including Allied Health teams, specialty disability team and project work within the community. In January 2008, Shannon moved to Carnarvon on the Gascoyne coast in WA, where she worked as the Paediatric OT and the visiting community OT to Exmouth. Shannon continued to work on a number of community development projects and further expand her passion and knowledge of children.

Shannon and her partner moved to Darwin in September 2009 in pursuit of opportunities to expand and grow her passion for children’s development. Shannon worked for the Children’s Development Team in a number of roles including school aged services and team leader. In seeing the potential opportunities and gaps in service, it soon became apparent that options for parents were limited so Shannon soon began exploring the possibilities of private practice..

In May 2010, OT for Kids NT was born.

Shannon continues to play a very active role in OT for Kids NT, as both a therapist and business manager. Shannon is passionate about delivering high quality OT services for children and families, and bringing joy to their lives. Shannon believes that every child is unique and has unlimited potential and it is this belief that continues to drive her everyday.

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