Commonly Used Equipment

IMG_8307Scooter Boards

Scooter Boards are great way to develop core strength, trunk and postural control, arm/leg strength and motor coordination. Children (and adults!) can lay on their stomach and propel with arms or legs to provide a tough workout, that helps with coordination, timing, planning, and gives them great body feedback sensations needed to feel calm and focussed. Sitting or kneeling adds a further challenge of staying upright whilst the board is moving. And of course, its heaps of fun!

Ideas for use:

  • Ten pin bowling – have the children propel themselves to knock down all the pins!
  • Obstacles courses
  • Pulling the child with a rope requires them to hold on to keep balanced
  • Races with two or more boards and lots of room.
  • Soccer – use a weighted ball or gym ball to add a challenge.

IMG_8279Body Sox

Body Sox are colourful bags made of a stretchy, sometimes see-through, breathable fabric – often lycra with a long slit for entry and exit.

Body Sox provide comforting deep pressure and assist to increase body awareness for your child. Children may also find them a comforting quiet/retreat place.

Ideas for body sox play:

  • Have your child stand inside it and push against the sides with his hands, or lay down and push with his feet.
  • Let your child walk or crawl around, with your support and protection.
  • Play a “dance and freeze” game, and take pictures / video of the funny positions
  • Use it as a calm retreat when your child is in sensory overload.
  • For a cautious child, try hiding balls with bells or other sound making toys so they can have fun finding the toy and getting used to the feeling of the body sox.
  • Play a ‘go to sleep game / wake up’ game in it (ie pretend it is a sleeping bag).
  • Try using the body sox to prevent melt downs during a challenging activity for a child.  i.e. allow them to stay in body sox to stay regulated while try a challenging activity.  Try asking the child to imitate your motor movements, or sing songs
  • Make crazy/silly shapes in front of the mirror for lots of proprioception.
  • Fill the body sox up with rice/pasta/shredded paper/plastic balls. They can explore the sensation or play tactile discrimination games such as finding the beads in the rice to thread onto a string.
  • Rough and tumble play inside with a focus on communication and interaction.