Free Fact Sheets

What is an OT?

Ever wonder what it is an OT actually does? An occupation is anything which occupies your time. For children this includes self-care activities, play and social interactions, and learning, amongst other things. Find out more with our Free Fact Sheet.

Does my child need an OT?

Children develop at different rates and some variation is typical, however any concerns you have can benefit from being explored further… after all, you know your child better than anyone. See our checklist to find out how we can help.

What is Sensory Processing?

Our sensory system is the foundation of our being. It is how we experience the world, the way in which we experience joy, love, learn and grow. It also keeps us safe. Learn about the senses and their role in development with our Free Fact Sheet.

Sensory Diet

Just like food, our sensory system needs feeding throughout the day to help us to be our best. Check out how a Sensory Diet can help.

Movement and Coordination

Motor planning, praxis, coordination, gross motor skills… these terms are often used in relation to children, but what do they actually mean and why are they important? Find out here.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important because they are the foundation for the development of many other important skills in the future, including reading, writing, and drawing, as well as the ability to undertake everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces or holding a knife and fork. Learn exactly what is involved in fine motor skills and how you can help.