Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening® is a specialised and evidence based protocol. It combines a sound-based intervention with specific activities to create a program that is useful for a range of people with sensory needs. Therapists are specially trained in this approach and the results are amazing. Learn more with this free information sheet and chat with your OT if you feel that your child may benefit from a Therapeutic Listening Program.

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Astronaut Program

Our movement system is like our internal compass and children with difficulties in this area may have poor motor coordination skills, may be fearful of movement, awkward, clumsy, fall and bump into things. These children may have poor balance. They may appear to be “squirmy”, “fidgety”, or be described as the child who “doesn’t stop moving”. Children with vestibular processing difficulties may appear to be “lost in space”. Their actual experience may feel similar to the sensation astronauts feel when gravity is eliminated; thus the term Astronaut Training. Chat with your OT today to discuss if the Astronaut Program may be useful for your child.

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